‘‘To delight is to be.’’
Innovation requires the skill to navigate complexity and
the strength to bear uncertainty. I believe that a resilient
commitment to bridging the gap between design & busi-
ness can help us build simple, enjoyable experiences for
people everywhere.
Partner & Co-Founder, B.Engg, PGDP in Design, MBA

Avi is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary designer
with a commitment to reinventing design for busi-
ness. His advocacy for user experience has inspired
better connections between organizations and cus-
tomers across the globe. Avi lives in Toronto with his
wife, who serves as a constant reminder that life is

‘‘A better way you can imagine

is real.’’
Discovery can come only from having the courage to explore. I believe
that unbounded curiosity and fearless imagination can help us find
better approaches and ultimately, enable us to build a better way in
business and life.
Partner & Co-Founder, BBA, MBA

As a consultant, Terence has led engagements in
telecom, financial services, health care and retail
industries. His insights have helped businesses
rethink their business strategies in North America
and around the world. Terence lives in Toronto
with his fiancé, who inspires him to have the
courage to build a better way.

Throughout history, men and women have sought the help of gurus for insight, inspiration and direction in the face of uncertainty. Inspired by
the guru's mission, BlueGuru Consulting is dedicated to helping guide organizations along a journey towards fulfillment. Why blue? For us, blue
is an inspiration. It symbolizes the vastness and complexity of the ocean and the sky. Blue gives us the courage to dive deeper and the freedom
to explore further.

When we imagine a future that's better for you, we imagine in blue.